What We Do

As our name suggests our approach is bespoke to your needs. We will get to know you, and understand your goals and your needs. Through such dialogue we build a strong partnership with all of our clients and professional partners.

Our role is to find the potential investment opportunity, put the funds together, structure the deal to ensure that our clients are protected, and then exit the deal with the best possible return for our clients. As a matter of principle we do not enter into a deal, without understanding the exit strategy. The majority of our investment funds come from pensions. Through our knowledge and experience we are able to structure our deals taking account of pension rules.

Property Funds Alternative Funds Fund Distribution

Property is renowned for providing possible investment opportunities, but we only invest in properties that we believe can guarantee strong yields. In addition we invest in alternative assets that we believe have longevity and will provide a strong return.

We are not FSA regulated so we insist all our prospective clients to seek financial advice before committing their funds with us.

"I was advising my client on where to invest part of his pension. I introduced him to Bespoke Property Funds because I trust them to deliver a great return for my client."